Elephant Mom

Elephant and Baby Fused Glass Night Light!

A beautiful night light created for the elephant lover! The elephant and baby silhouettes were painted in black on clear glass. A sheet of streaked yellow swirl glass was set behind them for a sunset look, and together the two pieces of glass were fused in a kiln. When cooled, the night light was glued on a night light. A lovely functional piece of art and can be created with different colored glass.    

The night light will automatically come on when the light in the room dims, triggered by the night light’s sensor. The night light is about three inches wide and three inches tall. Bulb included.


Fused Glass Lion Night Light!

This cute orange lion with a big brown mane will protect and delight anyone. A perfect gift for any room, especially the child or baby’s nursery. The lion is specially cut out of orange and brown glass before it is fused in a kiln. Simply adorable.

The nightlight is light sensor sensitive as the light comes on when the light in the room dims. About four inches wide with tail and three inches high. Bulb included.