Mosaic Wine & Cheese

DONNA’S GLASS Studio has been working with glass for over three years. She creates lovely fused glass figures of animals, plants, or an image from her imagination. These creations become lanterns, night lights, garden stakes or are used as a piece in a mosaic.

Glass fusing is the melting of at least two layers of glass at a high temperature. Donna loves to cut different colors of glass, arrange them, stack them, move them like a puzzle to create a vision. She then fuses the glass in her kiln, and ta-dah, a sweet creation is formed. 

Donna’s mission is to create happy things that make you smile.

BRIGHTEN UP YOUR GARDEN or indoor planter box with one of her fused glass GARDEN STAKES. The high-fired glass and galvanized steel will never rust or fade.

OR ADD LIGHT with one of her NIGHTLIGHTS to your hallway, bathroom, bedroom, or any area of the house that needs illumination in the dark. The night lights turn on as you walk by with their sensors.

May my glass be with U!


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