Mosaic Wine & Cheese

I HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH GLASS for over seven years. I love to cut different colors of glass, arrange them, stack them, move them around to create my vision. I then fuse the pieces in my kiln, at least once, to become one. My creation could be a fun night light, garden stake, wall hanging, lantern, or just about anything.
Or I work with glass to create a mosaic. I cut each piece of glass to precisely fit with each other. I construct a scene or image as I glue the glass to a substrate. I then grout the piece as the last touch to pull it all together.

A few samples of other art can be found on this page:
Other Media

My mission is to create happy things that make you smile.

To purchase available art work or request a custom order, please go to: Etsy.com/shop/maymyglassbewithu.

May my glass be with U! Thank you!